MotivHealth HSA FAQs

Why is MotivHealth creating it's own HSA?

By creating our own HSA and becoming the administrator and custodian, we’re in a better position to provide seamless service for our employers and members. Also, faster deposits and funding of HSA contributions, simplified administration of the entire medical benefit process, enhanced incentive options to fund the HSA, and it’s FREE to our MotivHealth members.

When does the HSA "go live" with MotivHealth?

January 1, 2020 for new groups and 1/1 renewals.

Can groups choose to stay with HealthEquity?

Yes, opting in to the MotivHealth HSA is voluntary. However, MotivHealth will no longer cover the monthly fee for new groups and renewals who choose to have their HSAs at HealthEquity. There is no monthly fee for the MotivHealth HSA. The overall experience members have with HealthEquity will stay the same – the only difference is MotivHealth will not cover the monthly fee.

Will MotivHealth still send incentive files to HealthEquity for groups who choose to stay?


Will MotivHealth still send claims for groups that choose to stay with HealthEquity?


Will we still process integrated enrollment for groups who choose to stay with HealthEquity?


What about mid-year groups – how long will we cover their fee?

Anyone with non 1/1 renewal or start dates will have their fee covered until May 1, 2020.

How long will MotivHealth cover the HealthEquity fee?

MotivHealth will cover the HealthEquity fee until May 1, 2020. After May 1, any groups still with HealthEquity will be responsible for a $2.95 monthly administrative fee.

How will members transfer their balances from HealthEquity to MotivHealth?

MotivHealth will be providing more information in the coming weeks about the transfer balance for participating groups and members.  

Can a member keep their balance at HealthEquity and open a MotivHealth HSA?

Yes. Members may have multiple HSAs if they choose. They may be subject to monthly fees with HealthEquity – there is no fee with MotivHealth.

Where will the money be held?

MotivHealth HSAs are FDIC insured. As the custodian, record keeper and administrator of the HSA MotivHealth “hold the funds”.

Will members be required to go through CIP again?

Yes, as an HSA custodian we are required to know our customers and complete the CIP process.

How does enrollment work?

The process will be the same as with HealthEquity – the only difference will be that MotivHealth will process eligibility data in our own system to open the HSAs.

How will onboarding work?

MotivHealth will work with each group to onboard them to the new MotivHealth HSA system.

Who is servicing employers?

The MotivHealth Employer Portal is being expanded to enable employers to make HSA contributions, view reports and manages enrollments. Additionally a MotivHealth Employer Service team is being created to better serve its employer partners.

Will everyone get a new debit card?

Yes, this will be a completely new HSA with a completely new debit card.

Will a spouse get a debit card?

Yes, MotivHealth will send a card for the primary insured and spouse.

What about dependent debit cards?

Only a primary (policy holder) and spouse cards will be ordered. Additional dependent cards, if needed, may be requested separately.

Will investments be offered?

Of course. MotivHealth will roll out investment options Q1 2020. MotivHealth will offer many of the current investment options now available at HealthEquity as well as others we find advantageous.

What is the MotivHealth investment threshold?


Will a member be able to transfer their investment holdings directly to investment holdings with MotivHealth?

No, they will need to liquidate the investments with HealthEquity to HSA cash and transfer the balance to their MotivHealth HSA. From there they will need to make new investments in funds at MotivHealth. MotivHealth will not manage or execute investments on behalf of members but we will be able to help facilitate this process.

Will members receive two sets of tax forms?

Members will receive tax forms for any open and active HSA, including MotivHealth.

If a member chooses to keep their HSA at HealthEquity, can they still access HQY's website?

Yes, they will be able to use the same username and password with HealthEquity.

How will employers make contributions to MotivHealth?

Contributions will be made simply via the MotivHealth employer portal.

If they terminate employment while at MotivHealth, will there be a fee for the account?

Yes, for accounts not sponsored by an employer there is a monthly fee of $3.95

What happens if members choose to stay at HealthEquity – is there a monthly fee?

If accounts are affiliated with an employer – the employer may cover the monthly fee, but you will need to confirm that with your employer. MotivHealth HSA Administration is free to our members, but those choosing to stay with HealthEquity will be responsible to pay whatever HealthEquity charges to maintain that account.

Will HealthEquity HSA cards still work?

Yes. HealthEquity cards will work as long as the card is active and the account open and funds are available. 

​Copyright © 2020 MotivHealth Insurance Company. All Rights Reserved | Privacy Policy

​Copyright © 2020 MotivHealth Insurance Company.
All Rights Reserved | Privacy Policy

Steps Program Basics

Why Participate: So, you and your covered spouse can earn $1 for each day you walk 8,000 or more steps up to 20 days a month. All incentives earned this way are deposited into your HSA.

How to Participate: Create your MotivHealth member account. Sync an eligible device (Garmin, Fitbit, or Apple) and walk your way to $1 a day.

Who’s Eligible: You, the policy holder and a covered spouse.

Rx Program Basics

Why Participate: Spending $200 or more on prescriptions each month? We can help you eliminate or significantly lower your out-of-pocket costs.

How to Participate: Simply call one of our Prescription Benefit Analysts:
(385) 247-1030

Who’s Eligible: You, the policyholder and your covered dependents.

Prompt Pay Program Basics

Why Participate: Save between $250-$3,000 on out-of-pocket costs on planned medical procedures.

How to Participate: Simply call us before your scheduling your procedure, and we'll help you find a participating Prompt Pay facility / provider.

Who's Eligible: You, the policyholder and your covered dependents.

Price Transparency Tool Basics

Why Participate: Lower your out-of-pocket costs by empowering yourself to take charge of your healthcare.

How to Participate: Our Price Transparency Tool is accessed via your member portal. Simply create your account and click "Find Care."

Who's Eligible: You, the policyholder and your covered dependents with member accounts can access this tool.

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